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Rishi Overseas - An Insight

Rishi Overseas, the Flagship Company of the Group, conceptualized for handling business related to the Footwear Industry, came into existence in 1993. The beginnings were humble, but the company has steered forward at a commendable speed, because of the proficiency of the Team Leaders in particular,
and the entire team in general.
This company is a name to reckon with, in the world-wide Synthetic Leather Producing Industry world-wide. The Footwear industry has benefited from the dramatic impulse, and large application products, such as PVC linings, developed by them. They were the first to develop polyurethane gel-coated linings, which were then followed by the production of uppers applying the new gel-coating technology.

The continuous development experienced over the years, enabled them to offer increasingly specialized and dedicated products.

The company is equipped with an exclusive research laboratory, and its production covers a range of sectors going from upholstery to clothing and bags production, with a special range for ready-to-wear clothing sector.