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Rishi Overseas - An Insight

Rishi Overseas, the Flagship Company of the Group, conceptualized for handling business related to the Footwear Industry, came into existence in 1993. The beginnings were humble, but the company has steered forward at a commendable speed, because of the proficiency of the Team Leaders in particular,
and the entire team in general.
A Century old company, producing chemicals for the footwear and technical industries, broadly classified as :
Mould Release Agents P.U. and EVA, P.U. Adhesives, Pigment Pastes, Screen Printing Inks, Finishes etc.

Though our formal relationship, which was agreed upon in October 2003, is just over two years old, we have covered miles in terms of our mutual confidence and trust.

A production/Mixing Unit has already taken shape at Faridabad (Haryana), with operations started for Release Agents. Pretty soon Adhesive Blending will also commence.

Contact Details
Keck Chimie s.a.
Address Z.I. - B.P.6-67340, INGWILLER, FRANCE
Telephone 000333 888 95733
Fax 00333 888 95130
E-mail info@keck-chemie.com
Website www.keck-chemie.com
Contact David Le Pestipon
+33 6137 64485