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Rishi Overseas - An Insight

Rishi Overseas, the Flagship Company of the Group, conceptualized for handling business related to the Footwear Industry, came into existence in 1993. The beginnings were humble, but the company has steered forward at a commendable speed, because of the proficiency of the Team Leaders in particular,
and the entire team in general.
This new entrant to our kitty of State-of-the-Art Products from all over the world, is definitely a brand to reckon with.

Cambrelle® Linings are made by using special nylon fibres which make the fabric :

Abrasion resistant
so that there is no pilling
which soaks up any perspiration
so that the feet stay cool
Quick drying
so that the shoes stay fresh
Easy to cut and sew
so that there is no edge fraying
Excellent dye fastness
so that there is no color bleeding

Cambrelle® linings keep feet cooler, fresher, and more comfortable – for longer periods.

The value added range of Cambrelle® includes :

Cambrelle® Plus
For minimising odour and prevention of growth of bacteria
Cambrelle® Conduct
For Electrically Conductive Footwear

Contact Details
Camtex Fabrics Ltd.
Address Blackwood Road, Lillyhall North
Workington Cumbria CA14 4JJ, UK
Telephone 0044 (0) 1900 602646
Fax 0044 (0) 1900 66827
E-mail kieranohare@cambrelle.com
Website www.cambrelle.com
Contact Dr. Kieran O’ Hare